Lockton is a significant player in the UK insurance sector, providing clients with a strategic partnership to manage risk in an increasingly complex, global environment.

An introduction to Lockton

Our solutions

Our solutions cover an extensive portfolio of risks and are continually evolving to meet clients’ emerging insurance needs, ranging from physical property to more intangible assets such as reputation.

  • - Analytics & risk strategies
  • - Balance sheet protection
  • - Casualty
  • - Claims, litigation
  • - Crisis response
  • - Cyber, technology, privacy
  • - Balance sheet protection
  • - Environmental, energy
  • - People, employees
  • - Property, construction
  • - Political risks
  • - Reputation
  • - Supply chain
  • - Transactions, finance
  • - Wealth protection, family trust


Over 900 associates in the UK have the knowledge and experience to understand the issues and drivers shaping key markets

  • - Aviation
  • - Hotels
  • - Construction
  • - Energy
  • - Financial services, banking insurance
  • - Food production
  • - Healthcare
  • - Managing supply chain, distribution
  • - Motorsports, classic cars
  • - Marine shipping, ports
  • - Professional services
  • - Real estate, property developers
  • - Retail
  • - Specie, fine art
  • - Sports, events
  • - Technology
  • - Cargo, transportation, logistics
  • - Utilities and related services

‘Broking done differently’ in action

Hear how Lockton has added value to clients businesses by thinking and acting differently.

A different kind of culture

Lockton employees

No.1 - Where our support as a trusted advisor included assisting our client in making a key internal appointment.


Debbie Day, Managing Partner, Birmingham

No.2 - How Lockton fully managed and supported the transition from an in-house function to an outsourced service model.

Food and Beverage

Debbie Day, Managing Partner, Birmingham

No.3 - Addressing an area of significant insurance risk to protect the business and improve the relationship with US shareholders.

Manufacturing and Engineering

Steve Taylor, Account Executive, Birmingham

No.5 - An unexpected reward for a radically improved service.

Food and Beverage

Mark Evans, Partner, Leeds

No.8 - How Lockton’s excellent service delivery overcame property and D&O liability insurance risks.

Retail, Food and Beverage

Matt Davies, Managing Partner, Northern Partnership

No.9 - Challenging established advice to ensure greater choice and significantly improved value for money.

Transport and Logistics

Michael Farrell, Partner, Newcastle

No.14 - Lockton’s commitment to consistently delivering market-leading solutions for clients.

George Carrington, Partner, London

No.16 - How Lockton provides tailor-made solutions that solve client challenges.

Louise Parry, Account Manager, London

No.17 - Working with the market to develop a progressive insolvency risk solution and unrivalled industry expertise.

Professional services

Aidan Brady, Senior Vice President, Dublin

No.18 - Demonstrating outstanding delivery capabilities by developing an insurance risk solution for a global medical devices company in 21 days.


Kieran McHugh, Managing Partner, Dublin

No.23 - Creating a tripartite relationship with the market and a major civil engineering company to develop an improved insurance programme.

Civil Engineering

Jeff Graham, Senior Vice President, Belfast

No.25 - Providing exceptional risk management for relocated client operations through Lockton’s global network.


Simon Power, Account Executive, Belfast

No.27 - Developing strong relationships with the local insurance market through supply-led prospecting.


Gary Ennis, Managing Partner, Belfast

An introduction to Belfast.

Gary Ennis, Managing Partner, Belfast

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